CAST: The CoSy Architecture Schema Toolkit
CAST is a software toolkit to support the developments of intelligent systems based on a space of possible architecture designs. We have developed the CoSy Architecture Schema (CAS) to describe this space of designs. The CoSy Architecture Schema Toolkit (CAST) is a software implementation of this schema designed to allow researchers (primarily in the fields of AI and robotics) to develop instantiations of the schema.

CAST control
Distributed process manager for CAST servers and related applications.

CogX Display Server
A server for visualization and user interaction in distributed environments.

BLORT is a software toolkit for robot vision systems.

Nurbs Fitting in PCL
As part of CogX we have created a NURBS tting tool which works as part of the Point Cloud Library project.

The Talking Robots Toolkit provides functionality for building robots capable of communicating with human users using natural spoken dialogue.

Matlab code for Multivariate Batch and Online Kernel Density Estimation.


RGB-D from 5 sites in CogX
This dataset was collected at 5 partner locations and contains RGBD data, used in CogX mainly for object detection experiments.

MIT-KTH floorplan database
This dataset contain floorplan data from the MIT and KTH campuses comprising nearly 38,000 rooms, containing the 2D layout and the categories of the rooms. The primary purpose of the dataset is to make robots able to earn and exploit the structure in indoor environments.

This dataset contains RGDB videos collected from Microsoft Kinect sensors from regular people and aim to be the biggest such database in the world.

The COLD-Stockholm Database
The COLD-Stockholm database is an extension of the COLD database. It adds new data acquired in a new environment using the same hardware setup that was used for the COLD database extended with a pair of new high-quality cameras for stereo vision.

Domestic Rooms Dataset
The Domestic Rooms (DR) Dataset contains robot observations of several rooms of the domestic environment. It provides a large scale testing environment for room classification approaches based on data obtained with a laser range finder.