Dora is one of the CogX demonstrator systems. She is a mobile robot that is motivated to fill gaps in her own knowledge. These gaps can be about the extent of space or the categories of rooms. You can watch the following videos of Dora in action.

The first video was a feature on New Scientist and provides an overview of some of Dora’s basic capabilities.

Dora, the robot, is trying to find cornflakes in a house. Instead of just exhaustively searching everywhere, Dora is equipped with probabilistic reasoning and planning to exploit the knowledge that cornflakes are usually found in kitchens. This is from the IJCAI ‘11 paper titled “Exploiting Probabilistic Knowledge under Uncertain Sensing for Efficient Robot Behaviour”.

From the ICRA ‘11 paper titled “Home Alone: Autonomous Extension and Correction of Spatial Representations”:

Dora exploring and categorising autonomously from Marc Hanheide on Vimeo.

From the AAAI ‘10 Goal-Driven Autonomy workshop paper titled “A Framework for Goal Generation and Management”:

Dora The Explorer, CogX Year 1 from hawesie on Vimeo.