Spring School 2010 Local Information


Getting to …

  • Airport to Ljubljana:
    • Check the airport website.
    • There are buses/shuttles from the airport to the city center. Some buses depart at regular hours, while some shuttles depart after flight arrivals. We would recommend to check this link: http://www.ljubljanatransfer.net/go/mainpage . You can also take a taxi, which is always available. It should cost around 40 EUR.
  • Train station to accommodation: one way is to use the bus 6 from “Bavarski dvor” stop to “Drama” or “Aškerčeva” bus stop. The other way is to enjoy a stroll through the city center (if the weather is fine of course). Check the Ljubljana map for more details.
  • Accommodation to laboratory: the best way is to just walk for approximately 15-25 minutes. Check the Ljubljana map. As an alternative you can also take the bus (line 1 from “Aškerčeva” to “Jadranska” bus stop), but it is only two stops in between.
  • Laboratory by car: In front of the lab (marked on the Ljubljana map by its logo) there is a parking lot where you can park the car.


Everybody will be staying in the hotel Pri Mraku. There is also free Internet wireless access available in the hotel for late-night coding. If you arrive by car you can park the car in front of the hotel. However, since they have only a few parking places, you should leave the car in front of the lab during the week.